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Princess Diana's Ex Breaks His Silence to Blast BBC's Martin Bashir for 'Exploitive' Interview

Hasnat Khan said he cautioned Princess Diana to be "cautious" around questioner Martin Bashir

Princess Diana's previous love, Hasnat Khan, is standing in opposition to the BBC, asserting that the regal was "controlled" during her renowned Panorama meet.

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In November, the BBC was blamed for faking reports to get the meeting, and presently, Khan — a cardiologist whose relationship with Diana started in 1995 and finished without further ado before her passing in 1997 — claims questioner Martin Bashir "took advantage of" Diana.

"One of her most appealing characteristics was her weakness. It was what charmed her to the general population. I later understood that Martin singled out those weaknesses and took advantage of them," Khan, 62, told the Daily Mail.

"He was extremely convincing with Diana. Everything revolved around him being from the BBC, being good and extremely devout even. In any case, he filled her head with refuse," said Khan, who is broadly private and has seldom spoken freely about his relationship with Diana.

Khan said that subsequent to conversing with Bashir, Diana started to accept that Prince Charles was engaging in extramarital relations with her children's babysitter, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, and made her distrustful "with discuss bugs and telephone tapping."

In the wake of meeting Bashir in a bar with Diana, Khan said he advised the illustrious to be "cautious."

"Nearly from the word go, he began posing me the most immediate individual inquiries about Diana and our relationship. For what reason didn't we get hitched? When were we going to get hitched? Something like that," he said. "There was something about Bashir I didn't like. I advised her to be cautious about him."

"Obviously I am not guileless. I realized that there was a piece of Diana that needed to give a meeting yet my inquiry is assuming Martin Bashir had not been there convincing her, would she at any point have done it?" Khan added.