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Royal family threatens to 'boycott the BBC' over Prince William and Prince Harry series that has 'upset the Queen'

 Another two-section BBC series called The Sovereigns and the Press has created a ruckus among senior royals after they were not shown a review of the narrative before it is set to air. 

The series, which takes a gander at how the rulers' relationship with the press changed after the Sovereign's jewel celebration, is relied upon to incorporate allegations that William and Harry occupied with a preparation battle after Harry's choice to leave his job inside the family. 

Anyway senior royals, for example, William, the Sovereign and Ruler Charles have clearly joined to gripe about the program and have taken steps to blacklist future tasks since they were denied the chance to see the series before its because of air. 

The show, fronted by Today present Amol Rajan, is in two sections with the second covering the period somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2021 when the siblings were apparently quarreling. 

There is a specific fear from the imperial camp with regards to whether the narrative will cover past allegations that William intentionally released negative tales about Harry to the press. 

The cases were recently called slanderous by the royals who effectively got the charges taken out from one more narrative displayed on ITV recently. 

The castle has consistently rejected that the imperial kin partook in a "public conflict of words" and a senior source let the Day by day Mail know that the Sovereign is "steamed" by the "chatter".