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Kings in waiting Prince William and Charles 'competing' as they work on pressing crisis

PRINCE WILLIAM and Prince Charles appear to be" contending"for the same title of"environmentalist king-in- staying", according to a royal annalist. 

A royal judge believes both William and Charles are trying to" seize the spotlight"when it comes to responding to the public concern girding the environmental extremity. Dr Ed Owens, an memorial exploration associate at the Centre for the Study of Modern Monarchy at Royal Holloway university, looked at work of the two prominent royals-and their use of mass media to put the limelight on enterprise. 

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Speaking about the Prince of Wales' part as editor-in- chief at Amazon Prime's new channel devoted to the climate extremity, RETV, Dr Owens said this collaboration will help Charles" grinding his image as the environmentalist king in staying". 

 Also, he said, it'll help him connect with new cult, as youngish generations are particularly interested in the climate issue.