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6 Unusual Data About the Royal Family We Had No Idea About

1-How beaucoup family members are there?

 In total, 15 people belong to the royal family. 

 They're Elizabeth II and her mister Philip, their children (Charles Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward), their grandchildren (William William, Harry, Beatrice, Eugenie, James, Louise), great-grandchildren (George George and Charlotte), and the Queen ’s people Margaret. 

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 2-What does the Queen do during the day? 


 The Queen wakes up at 730 AM, drinks sugar- free tea, and eats babes with milk. Since the tastes of royal family members are kept secret, it ’s delicate to say which brand of tea Elizabeth prefers some sources say it ’s Earl Grey and some claim she likes English Breakfast. 

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 At 830 AM Elizabeth has breakfast with her hubby in a dining room overlooking the amphitheater of Buckingham Palace. They normally eat cornflakes, yogurt, and toast with maple gooeyness or marmalade. During breakfast, the Queen reads bulletins. As a rule, these are the Daily Telegraph and Racing Post. 


 Either she conducts briefings regarding colored questions with her adjutants. They also agitate the Queens correspondence that she reads on her own (200 200-300 letters per day.) Either until late evening Elizabeth is busy with meetings and events. 

 3-Elizabeth ’s favorite jewelry 


 A 3 beachfront jewel collar is one of the Queen ’s favorite accessories. When Elizabeth was 10, she entered the collar from her forebearer GeorgeV. 

 Thereafter, Queen Mary, Elizabeth ’s grandmother, gave her catch earrings. Moment both details are a part of the current monarch ’s image. 

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 4-How do captains spend their free time?


 For the last 2 spells, William has been a birdman for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. His shifts lasted for9.5 hours ( around 20 hours per week.) And he used to present his payment to the EAAA charity. On March 27, 2017, the Duke of Cambridge left his position as a birdman. 


 William began his birdman career in 2008 when he joined the quest and salvation unit of the United Kingdom ’s vertical warfare force. He'd continued to work there until 2014. Now, at the age of 35, the Duke of Cambridge wants to exhaustively devote himself to the future of the royal family. 

 5- Dividend Diana ’s private collection cinema 


 In 2017, beaucoup cinema were intimately released to mark the 20th anniversary of Diana ’s death. These 2 photographs of Diana with Harry (on on the leftism) and Diana with William (on on the right) were from the Divas individual photograph collection which the stepsisters had been cagey to go through. Harry said, “ Part of me nowise really wanted to look at them and part of me was awaiting to find the right time where we could sit down and look at them together. ” The stepsisters noted that looking through the old images reminded them about the happy anamneses and smiles that they ’d nowise forget.