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Royal wedding flowers: The 5 flowers to form your wedding bouquet fit a Queen

ROYAL WEDDING flowers are the right companion for a gorgeous bride. But what are the foremost popular flowers for a royal bride? to make your own royal inspired bouquet, there are five flowers almost every royal bride from Queen Elizabeth to Meghan Markle has included.

The team from Flowercard have studied royal wedding bouquets, from the marriage of Victoria in 1840 to now, to seek out out what the foremost popular flowers are.

So, what are a royal bride’s five favourite flowers

1 - Myrtle

The myrtle may be a beautiful, delicate, white flower that grows from an evergreen shrub.

Queen Victoria placed a myrtle flower that she had grown herself in her bouquet at her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. So began a royal tradition that brides have chosen to follow ever since.

Since then, 15 royal brides including Queen Elizabeth, the queen dowager , Diana , Camilla, Meghan Markle, and last Princess Eugenie have carried Myrtle in their bouquet.

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2 - Lily of the Valley

Another delicate white flower, with a stunning fragrance, Lily of the valley is that the second favourite flower amongst royal brides.

Featuring in nine royal bouquets, the lily of the valley may be a woodland plant that's thought to symbolise purity and joy.

Queen Elizabeth the queen dowager carried lily of the valley at her 1923 wedding to King George VI . However, her bouquet isn't pictured in her wedding photographs.

3 - Roses

Is there anything more romantic than a rose?

Roses are placed in eight bridal bouquets at royal weddings.

Princess Anne carried a shocking bouquet of white roses at her 1973 wedding to Captain Mike Phillips.

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The Queen’s love of roses is well-known, she even has the Queen Elizabeth rose named after her.

4 - Orchids

Another flower that symbolises eternal love is that the Orchid, so how fitting that Queen Elizabeth carried a bouquet of three differing types of Orchid at her wedding to Philip in 1947.

Legend has it that the Queen’s bouquet went missing after the ceremony and will not be found anywhere.

The royal couple had to possess a reproduction made, and since then royal brides have always had a backup bouquet.

Orchids are within the bouquet at five royal weddings.

Princess Diana, never afraid to interrupt with convention, carried yellow orchids at her 1981 wedding to Charles . the colorful flowers were a striking addition to the normal all-white bouquet.

5 - Stephanotis

Stephanotis may be a plant with delicate white star-shaped flowers. Another popular flower for royal brides, it's been carried in three bouquets.