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Princess Diana was a beloved member of British royalty , known for her humanitarianism and her elegant sense of favor . She tragically died in 1997, but her legacy continues to measure on, especially through the first pictures of Diana that show her as a fashionista, a mom, and a daughter.

Born Diana Spencer, Princess Di became a member of the royalty after she married Charles, the Prince of Wales. Her life wasn't always easy - after she married Charles their marriage was marred by infidelity and rumors. once they divorced, it became a scandal across the country. Despite this, she carried on as a task model to her two young sons William and Harry and have become internationally known for her charity work. She was killed during a car chase with paparazzi in France on August 31, 1997. the planet mourned the loss of the gorgeous and type Diana .

Diana As A Toddler

Aleady A Style Icon

A Shy Girl

Growing Into Her Own

A Picture From Her Private Collection

A Pensive Diana

Showing Off A Cheeky Smile

A Kiss On The Hand

The Young Couple

Courting Prince Charles