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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle vaccine appeal backlash - 'really ill-informed'

PRINCE Harry and Meghan Markle have come under criticism for addressing vaccine equity with an "awful amount of simplicity" following their recent speech at the worldwide Citizen Live concert.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are criticised for lecturing pharmaceutical companies on vaccine equity whilst living during a "multi-million-pound" mansion in Montecito. the previous royal couple gave a speech last night at the worldwide Citizen Live concert, where they urged world leaders to develop a distribution programme for under-developed countries therefore the Covid-19 pandemic could come to an end. 

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Royal expert Robert Jobson told GB News: "They've really listed themselves as if it is a royal tour with the safety to match.

"I mean, i feel that their position thereon get-together about the vaccine, they have some extent , trying to spread the vaccines round the world, but there's an awful amount of simplicity about the way it seems that these two millionaires believe lecture these wealthy pharmaceutical companies doing brilliant jobs.

"The problem is, you cannot still speak so freely about this stuff , they're really ill-informed if you inquire from me .

"Companies are getting to make their money on this, they are not stock-piling, they're getting to attempt to spread the word but somebody's need to pay the bill.




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  1. No one cares what the British People have to said about Prince Harry and Meghan . Prince Harry and Meghan is helping people around the world 🌍. The RF ran them away so Prince William and Kate could look good. You British people can hate them all you want but God have the last word on everything. After the Queen leave this earth there will be so much lost and they will lose everything.bYou can't keep playing with people lives and think nothing going to happen to you.


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