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MAKING HER MARK Meghan Markle ‘needs to start out respecting the Queen and stop trying to push her own interests,’ Trump adviser says

MEGHAN Markle must start respecting the Queen and stop trying to push her own interests, Donald Trump's former adviser has said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were within the week named in Time magazine's list of top 100 most influential people in the world.

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The couple's inclusion within the list comes six months after they accused an unnamed member of the royalty of racism in their explosive Oprah interview.

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Meghan also told Oprah she felt suicidal while working as a royal - but that staff had dismissed her pleas for help.

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Speaking of Meghan's place within the family, Miller said: "I think she should have more respect for the institution of the Royals and that i think that once you marry into the royalty there is a certain sense of decorum that i feel that you simply ’re signing up for that you got to check a number of your thoughts and ambitions at the door.

Miller, who is that the CEO of free speech social media network GETTR, said: "I think once you position yourself during a way that's elevating your own interests above the families or the crowns, then it seems that that’s probably not getting to meet a receptive audience."