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How The Modern Royal Family Is Related To Historical Royals #2

 Prince Charles And His Siblings Are associated with Victoria Through Both Parents

Given the extensive royal lineage of both Philip and therefore the Queen, their children - the Prince of Wales, Prince Andrew, Edward , and Princess Anne - are associated with no but three separate royal dynasties.

Through their mother, Elizabeth, the Prince of Wales and his siblings are descended from an extended line of British royals, including Victoria and George III , who is most famous for losing the American colonies within the Revolutionary War. 

From Philip, they're descended from the royal families of Greece and Denmark, also as Russia and, of course, Victoria again.

Princess Diana’s Blood Was Bluer Than Prince Charles’s

Diana’s family has connections to a good older British royal bloodline than her ex-husband, Charles (who is, by the way, her 16th cousin once removed).

Diana's family traces their lineage to a minimum of two English kings of the House of Stuart: Charles II, also as James II and VII. (During his 17th-century reign, James ruled England and Ireland as James II , and Scotland as James VII). The Stuart royalty ended with Queen Anne in 1714, but Diana's distant - albeit illegitimate - Stuart heritage brought the road back to the royalty .

Even when the Spencers weren’t on the throne, they were extremely on the brink of the royalty . Victoria is claimed to possess been a lover of the 4th Earl of Spencer’s legs, and therefore the daughter of Sarah Churchill (Queen Anne’s closest confidante) married Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland.

Like the Queen, Diana is additionally a foreign descendant of Mary Boleyn, one among Henry VIII’s mistresses (and sister of the ever-famous Anne Boleyn).