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How The Modern Royal Family Is Related To Historical Royals

Throughout history, rulers have often married within their circle of relatives to stay their bloodlines as pure as possible. This practice is not any longer the norm, but it's led to some surprising connections between the members of today’s royalty . A cursory glance at British royalty tree reveals that Queen Elizabeth and Philip themselves are third cousins.

While today’s royalty is free from the medical ailments often related to royal inbreeding, there are still many shared ancestors among them. In fact, four of the royal marriages from the last century were between couples that were distant cousins. this suggests a number of those that married into the family were already royal by blood. 

Queen Elizabeth Is Descended From A Famous Mistress

It should come as no surprise that the queen features a long royal lineage behind her. Through her father, the late King George VI , Elizabeth is descended from Victoria . More surprising, perhaps, is that the historical connection on her mother's side. Through Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the Queen may be a descendant of Mary Boleyn. 

Other than Henry VIII's many wives, Mary could be the foremost famous woman connected to the infamous king. Some experts believe two of her children actually belonged to Henry. If (and it’s an enormous if) this is often true, it might mean that the Queen is that the first monarch to be directly descended from Henry VIII since her namesake, Elizabeth , sat on the throne four centuries ago.

Questions of paternity aside, the Queen’s connection to Mary is vital to notice because it’s something she has in common with the late Diana .

Prince Philip Was associated with Anastasia Romanov

When Philip proposed to Elizabeth in 1946, he was already a prince in his title . He was born Philip of Greece and Denmark, a title inherited from his father.

Philip’s royal heritage extends even beyond Greece and Denmark. He was a descendant of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and a foreign reference to the Romanovs. So important is that this relation that, when the possible remains of Nicholas II and his family were discovered in 2007, Philip's DNA was wont to confirm their identities.

Before Philip became the Duke of Edinburgh, he was already British royalty by blood. His mother, Princess Alice of the uk , was the great-granddaughter of Victoria , which makes his wife his distant cousin.

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