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Why Prince George is 'singled out' from his siblings to spend time with the Queen

Prince George knows he's "different" from his siblings because he gets "singled out" to spend time with the Queen and Charles , consistent with a royal expert.

The future king, aged 7, is usually "taken away" from his siblings Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, for photoshoots with Prince William, the Queen, and Charles, consistent with the Daily Mail.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl says this separation from his siblings means the young prince "understands he's different from them" - although their parents attempt to treat them as equals.

She told OK! that the thought of him becoming king at some point is "being introduced to him gradually".

"The true enormity of what his life will at some point be isn't something he's fully conscious of yet," she added.

"I think George understands, like William did from a really early age, that he's different from his younger brother and sister which he'll have a special future.

"After all, he gets removed to try to to photoshoots together with her Majesty the Queen, so he must notice he's been singled out."