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The Weirdest Rules The royalty has got to Follow #2

Dinner Conversations Are Specifically Formulated

According to Debrett’s, the society etiquette experts, dinner with the royalty follows a really specific formula for conversation. The Queen speaks to the person on her right during the duration of the primary course. this is often because the person to her right is that the guest of honor.

For the duration of the second course, the Queen speaks with the person on her left. The royalty follows this convention to make sure the flow of conversation throughout the meal.

When The Queen Stops Eating, You Stop Eating

There are probably several hundred dining rules to be remembered by those that have the pleasure and privilege of eating with the royalty . One major one involves keeping track of the Queen. the instant she stops eating, you would like to prevent too.

The rule goes back to the age of Victoria , a notoriously fast eater. She allegedly could undergo a seven course meal in half an hour, which probably didn't make things too easy for those dining alongside her. Had competitive eating contests existed some time past , and had she deigned to participate, Victoria could probably have easily wiped the ground with the competition.

The Myrtle is that the Centerpiece For The Royal Wedding Bouquet

Although not a proper rule, the myrtle plant has become a crucial fixture for a royal wedding bouquet. A myrtle plant was gifted to Victoria by Prince Albert's grandmother. Brought over from Germany, the flowers from it were first used Victoria's wedding and have since been seen within the bouquets of Queen Elizabeth , Diana , and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.