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SINCE leaving the Royal Family , Meghan Markle has began variety of ventures she claims will help women round the world.

But her recently launched mentoring programme is simply one among several that appears to possess flopped, not because it is not a worthy cause, but because the Duchess of Sussex made the project "all about her", an expert has claimed.

Meghan's idea was that famous and successful women hand over 40 minutes of their time to assist women adjust back to the workplace after a year of covid lockdowns made the experience less familiar.

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But royal biographer Duncan Larcombe says the thought has not gone done well within the UK, where hardworking mothers aren't happy about Meghan lecturing them on returning to figure from inside her $11 million mansion.

He told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: “It's great, she's doing that, she's just had a baby, and it's all about Meghan, and it's all rubbish frankly. It's gone down so badly during this country.

“This initiative is nonsense, she should be spending her time trying to create bridges with the very folks that she and Harry have betrayed...That's what i feel most of the people during this country believe," he added.