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Little-Known Ways to identify Fake Designer Clothes directly

In order to extend profits and obtain attention from customers, mass-market brands can’t stop copying designer clothes and accessories. It wont to be pretty easy to identify fake products directly , but now some replicas have such a top quality that it’s almost impossible to differentiate them from the originals.

1- Timberland boots.

Their caramel-colored soles should look slightly transparent if you're taking a better check out them. the corporate logo and therefore the name should be printed on the only . the road between the heel and therefore the sole should be almost invisible and flat.

The logo should be printed on the heel on the outer side of the shoes. Its lines should be even, clear, and it should be strictly upright.

The eyelets on the boots should appear as if even hexagons, which are neatly located on the outer side of the boot. There are 7 of them on the models for men, and 6 hexagons are located on the models for ladies .

The thread color of all the stitches on the boots should be white. If several stitches are located near one another , they ought to be absolutely parallel.

2- Levi’s jeans.

The denim that original Levi’s jeans are made from should have a clear diagonal pattern that appears an equivalent on the front and back sides of the jeans.

The back pockets of the first jeans should have a 2-line pattern that resembles an eagle’s beak.

All Levi’s jeans have a soft leather patch on the rear of the waistband above the proper pocket. The patch should have the Levi’s logo and a slogan and state the dimensions of the jeans and therefore the number of the model. There should even be an image of the drovers trying to tear the jeans.

The small Levi’s tab on the rear right pocket of the jeans is typically red, but it also can be a special color, counting on the model. The tab should have the name thereon and sometimes a registration mark: ®.

3- Lacoste polo shirts.

The Lacoste crocodile should be very detailed. you ought to be ready to see its eyes, teeth, feet, and red jaws. The body of the crocodile should be bright green and its tail should be placed parallel to its back.

At the rear of the polo collar (inside the shirt), there should be a white tag with the brand and a red number that indicates the dimensions . On the models for men, the dimensions is indicated with one number and there should be 2 numbers on women’s models.

Tiny details can reveal a fake Lacoste polo. For original Lacoste clothing, the manufacturer uses mother-of-pearl buttons with 2 holes with none inscriptions. Replica manufacturers often ditch this and use 4-hole buttons.

There are small cuts that are approximately 0.4 inches deep at rock bottom of men’s polo shirts. Women’s models don’t have any cuts.