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Blind cats seek home after Peterlee rescue

Two blind cats who were rescued from the streets at Christmas are seeking a replacement home.

Blind cats seek home after Peterlee rescue

The RSPCA found the feral kittens, who are named Gabriel and Arthur, during a builder's yard in Peterlee.

Both have had their eyes removed after suffering the consequences of cat flu, the charity said.

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"They are now available to be rehomed but sadly have had little interest thus far ," RSPCA rehoming co-ordinator Sophie Moran-Barker said.

She said: "Arthur and Gabriel are adorable, friendly and loving kittens who, in any case they need been through, really need to find themselves a special home.

"We worry that potential adopters are postpone because the kittens lost their eyes but being blind doesn't stop them from leading a full and exciting life.

"Arthur and Gabriel will got to be rehomed as indoor cats together thanks to their lack of sight but they're quite independent.

"Once they need settled in and obtain wont to their surroundings they're adore the other playful kittens."

The cats, who were about 14 weeks old once they were rescued, are currently at the RSPCA's centre in Darlington.