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How to do full face Makeup in 5 minutes

onfession: I’m horrible when it involves time management. If you tell me to be somewhere by 7 P.M., I’ll likely show up around 7:20 P.M. instead. Blame it on laziness or blatant disregard for the construct of your time (or both), but I’ve mastered the art of doing my makeup in five minutes (or less!). My five-minute face consists of just a couple of essentials that help me look natural yet polished—which is secretly my favorite makeup look, anyway. Keep reading for my routine for a fast five-minute face:

1- First things first: I even have to moisturize.

Moisturizer formulated with sunscreen is usually my initiative , whether or not I’m actually wearing makeup. It not only preps my skin to be hydrated all day, but also creates a smooth canvas for makeup application.

2- Next, concealer is an absolute must.

When I only have a couple of minutes to try to to my makeup, I skip foundation and choose a flexible concealer instead. It’s a fast and straightforward thanks to even skin tone by targeting dark spots and under-eye circles, and it allows my skin to shine through, leading to a more natural look. (Editor’s tip: Proceed with caution while using full-coverage concealers. a number of them look seamless without foundation, but others require more blending out for a natural look.)

3- Then it’s time for the brows.

Defined brows are a non-negotiable when it involves an honest five-minute face (and in general), because they instantly make me look more polished. All it takes may be a couple brushes through with a spoolie and a couple of swipes of the pencil to urge vintage Brooke Shields brows.

4- A coat of mascara helps my eyes pop.

My makeup look isn't complete without a touch mascara to showcase my eyes. Right now, I’m really into Milani’s favorite Lift and Curl Mascara, which helps to thicken and lengthen my lashes in literally one swipe.

5- I’ll add a touch blush to the apples of my cheeks.

I don’t always use blush once I do a fast makeup look. But if I even have a couple of seconds to spare, I’ll apply a few of swipes to the apples (or the roundest part) of my cheeks for a glowing-from-within look.

6- I always finish my five-minute face with a touch lip tint.

Since this makeup look leans heavily on the natural side, I gravitate toward a tinted balm that hydrates my lips while providing a subtle hint of color. Tinted ointment is straightforward to place on and doesn’t require the time-consuming precision of applying lipstick. The ointment currently in my purse has SPF 15 for extra sun protection.