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How to clean Makeup Brushes Easily

 How often do you have to be cleaning your makeup brushes?

Because makeup brushes are often such a tract for bacteria, King says makeup brushes and sponges should be washed a minimum of once per week. “This may be a good policy for tools utilized in the fragile eye area, and particularly if the tools are used for liquid and cream-based products, which are more likely to become contaminated.” 

For tools used with dry powders only (which she says are “a tougher environment for microbes to grow in”), and people targeting other areas of the face just like the cheeks and brows, King recommends washing your brushes a minimum of every other week.

The makeup artists we spoke with were on an identical page. When they’re not working with clients (which requires cleaning after every job), New York–based makeup artists Jennifer Nam and Marie Schumacher wish to clean their personal brushes with soap water around once every week , and do touch-ups in between with a brush-cleaning spray (typically after every use). Nam also recommends lotion wipes for more delicate tools like lip brushes.

When do you have to replace your makeup brushes and sponges altogether?

Everyone appeared to agree that if you treat your makeup brushes right, you'll use them faithfully for years without running into issues. “I very rarely throw a brush away,” says Schumacher, “and if it doesn’t make the cut for my kit any more , i might usually recycle them by using them for craft art brushes.”

It all depends on your mileage, and the way regularly you’re using your brushes, but the important signs that you simply got to throw a brush away, consistent with Nam and Gowers, is once you notice the comb hairs are splitting off or rupture , or have a foul smell. 

Ditto for makeup sponges. “When your Beautyblender is cracking or smelling funky, you ought to replace it,” says Gowers. To prolong the lifetime of your brushes, Gowers also recommends giving the container that your makeup brushes sit during a cleaning every once during a while.

The Step-by-Step Method

Overall, the makeup artists we spoke to had very similar methods for cleaning makeup brushes with differing types of products. We distilled all their methods below, with some additional tips from each expert. If you’re cleaning a makeup sponge, an equivalent methodology applies, though you’re really getting to want to stay to liquid cleaners or bar soaps. 

Quick-cleaning with a spray:

Spray your brush a couple of times, with the heads pointing right down to prevent any moisture from seeping into the glue.

Swirl your brush against a clean cloth or towel to relax the pigments.

Air-dry your brushes on a flat surface.

Quick-cleaning with a liquid cleaner:

Fill alittle bowl with a skinny layer of the answer (for super-concentrated options like Cinema Secrets, less is more).

Dip the tip of your brush into the answer .

Gently run your brush back and forth on a clean towel or a microfiber towel until all the merchandise buildup is loosened up and your brush feels clean.

Air-dry your brushes on a flat surface.

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