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Prince William's joke to Kate Middleton's dad after he walked her down the aisle

That's certainly a method to interrupt the ice

Cast your mind back to April 2011 if you'll and therefore the jubilant scenes that accompanied the Royal Wedding.

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In front of an audience of 28 million people, Prince William finally married his beloved Kate Middleton with the pair becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thereafter.

A lot went on within the couple's life since then (including three kids) and Kate has taken to Royal life aplomb, but it's understandable that some members of her family could are daunted by the occasion.

After Kate's father Michael Middleton had walked her down the aisle, he looked a touch overwhelmed as he passed his daughter over to William.

But cool as ever, the longer term king cracked a fast joke with Michael.

He said: "We're alleged to have just alittle family affair."

This magical moment was one among many who were caught on the day by lip readers, reports the MirrorOnline.

Following the ceremony, the new couple took a carriage ride round the area to wave to well-wishers who had waited for hours to catch a glimpse of them.

During the ride, William said: "I hope I remember... It's mad, it's mad!

"Oh my goodness it's ... really loudly here."

Kate later said: "You look happy."

Back at the Abbey the remainder of the royalty also shared their thoughts on the ceremony.

The Queen, her husband the late Philip and therefore the remainder of the royalty looked on proudly before the Queen turned to Phillip.

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According to an expert, the Queen said: "It was excellent".

Philip then replied: "Yes."