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Meghan Markle drops Duchess of Sussex title in Lilibet Diana's certificate – but Prince Harry keeps HRH style

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor's certificate has been revealed three weeks after she was born in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital – and there are some noticeable differences between hers and her brother Archie's.

The legal instrument, which has been uncovered by US news site TMZ, shows that Meghan Markle has dropped her royal title within the 'Name' and 'Surname' box. When Archie was registered, she identified herself as "Rachel Meghan Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex".

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This time around, however, she has simply written "Rachel" within the birth name box, "Meghan" as being her name and "Markle" as her surname – with no mention of her royal title.

As for Harry, he has chosen "The Duke of Sussex" as his first and surprisingly, "His Royal Highness" as his surname .

However, HELLO! understands that the document required the Prince's legal name, which incorporates his HRH styling, and Meghan's surname . 

Both Prince Harry and Meghan were told in January 2020 that they might not use their HRH status.

A statement released by Buckingham Palace on behalf of the Sussexes at the time said: "The Sussexes won't use their HRH titles as they're not working members of the royalty ."

Just weeks ago, Prince Harry's HRH style was faraway from Princess Diana's Exhibition at Kensington Palace.

When the exhibition first opened, a placard describing the exhibit read, "Lent by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH The Duke of Sussex". it had been soon changed to "Lent by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and therefore the Duke of Sussex."

The Royal Collection Trust explained the error during a statement, saying, "Due to an administrative error, that The Royal Collection Trust was responsible, the labels were incorrect and can be updated."