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Kate and William are being ignored as the Duchess reveals Prince Harry after she introduces them to Lillipet

KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed she and Prince William are yet to possess been introduced to Lilibet nearly every week on from her birth.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge met with First Lady Dr Jill Biden at the beginning of the G7 summit in Cornwall and spoke with several school teachers and staff about education and what are often done to support them. But US media fielded several personal inquiries to the Duchess of Cambridge asking whether she has seen Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor yet. 

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Kate tried to stay upbeat when asked and revealed they need not FaceTimed yet but couldn't wait to eventually see her baby niece.

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The royalty are sent to Cornwall for the G7 summit in an effort to bolster the UK's diplomatic power over the weekend event. 

While Charles is about to take a seat with CEOs to debate the climate emergency, the Duchess of Cambridge has already met with Jill Biden. 

The pair visited Connor Downs Academy where they spoke with staff and fielded questions from reporters. 

During the afternoon, she visited Connor Downs Academy with US First Lady Jill Biden.

Kate was asked by a US reporter her thoughts on Lilibet's birth and replied: "I wish her the absolute best . I can’t wait to satisfy her.

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"We haven’t met her yet, I hope which will be soon."

Kate then clarified that she and Prince William haven't seen her on FaceTime either. 

The Cambridges wished Harry and Meghan well during a public statement following Lilibet's birth and have reportedly sent several gifts to the couple.