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Harry’s claim he had ‘no special treatment’ in Army challenged after Queen pulled strings

PRINCE HARRY alleged he had "no special treatment" while he was serving within the Army - but his biographer has acknowledged how the Queen and Charles did actually pull some strings for him within the military.

Harry has issued a series of verbal attacks on the royalty in recent months, quite a year after he officially left his life within the monarchy behind. chatting with Oprah Winfrey during their new joint Apple TV+ documentary series, The Me You Can’t See, he explained how happy he had been when serving within the military. He said his decade within the Army was the “happiest time of my life”, explaining: “I need to wear an equivalent uniform as everybody else. 

“I had to try to to all an equivalent training as everybody else. I started from rock bottom like everybody else.

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“There was no special treatment due to who i used to be.”

However, Harry’s recent claim of “no special treatment” doesn't align with Angela Levin’s biography, ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’.

In April 2007, Harry was expected to be deployed to Iraq, just for the opposition to announce their intention to focus on the royal — his deployment was subsequently cancelled out of fears for his safety.

Harry then hit back, and even considered quitting the military after years of coaching 

He said: “Well, if I’m getting to cause this much chaos to people then maybe I should just, well, bow out and not only for my very own sake, for everybody else’s sake.”

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Ms Levin described this as “threat instead of a promise”, then Harry's commandant Edward Smythe-Osbourne stepped in and promised to assist him to urge to Afghanistan along side General Sir Richard Dannatt, then Chief of the overall Staff.

Ms Levin noted: “An ordinary cadet wouldn't have stood an opportunity of such high-ranking commanders trying to assist him fulfil a wish nurtured since childhood.