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Daughter of Biloela family refugees hospitalised

The three-year-old daughter of a Tamil refugee family, Tharnicaa, was medically evacuated to a hospital in Perth, Australia, after being denied treatment by bullpen staff at Christmas Island.

Tharnicaa is suspected to be affected by a blood infection referred to as septicaemia. Whilst she is going to be amid her mother, Priya, her father and sister are ordered to stay within the detention facility. this is often the primary time she is going to be separated from her father, Nades, and her sister, Kopika and she or he will turn 4 next week.

Home to Biloela reports that Tharnicaa was first taken to alittle facility on Christmas Island on Sunday morning despite being ill for 10 days and affected by vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, and a temperature. Her mother had pleaded for medical assistance since Tuesday 25 May. Priya notes, that International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) dismissed her symptoms as simply the common flu and provided Panadol and Nurofen.

"I am feeling very scared and worried for my female child ,” said Priya.

“She has been sick for several days, it took an extended time for her to urge to the hospital. She is already posing for her papa, it's getting to be very hard being faraway from her Dad and sister. it's very hard for our family to be separated when our daughter is sick.”

When a family friend attempted to go to the family on Christmas Island they were stopped by the Australian Border Force from visiting Tharnicaa. it's understood that there have been guards at the general public hospital guarding the space of the three-year-old.

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