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9 Things royalty Members Aren’t Allowed to vary About Their Looks

You might be surprised to listen to that members of the royalty can never travel without black attire in their suitcases, or that that the ladies from the family can never wear open shoes when they’re outside. Well, because it seems, there are tons of rules we didn’t know British royalty has got to follow.

For that reason, we at silver lining have gathered 9 things the royals shouldn’t do and would really like to share them with you.

1- No jeans allowed.

Members of the royalty can only wear jeans when they’re attending casual events. for instance, Meghan wore jeans when she attended a polo event. They’re also allowed to wear them while they’re walking their dogs, for instance, or while doing other things that need an off-the-cuff appearance.

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2- Boys must always wear shorts.

Until they’re considered sufficiently old, young boys from the royalty may only wear shorts. It’s called “breaching.” they need to wear them until they’re 8 years old, then they’re allowed to wear trousers. it'd even have to try to to with the very fact that wearing trousers, for the royals, is taken into account to be “middle class.”

3- They always have to carry black attire.

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Whenever they travel, royals are forced to hold black attire in their luggage. the rationale behind it's quite sad. they need to be prepared just in case someone within the family passes away. this is often because back in 1952, Elizabeth was in Kenya when she heard her father had died, and after returning to London, she had to attend for a mourning outfit to be delivered to her before she could exit the plane. It wouldn’t are right to try to do so without the acceptable attire.

4- No open-toe shoes are allowed.

Open-toe shoes are considered too informal for the royals. When they’re out and about representing the family, or maybe attending official engagements, they always need to wear closed shoes.

5-  The hair must remain a natural color.

The royals’ hair should be as natural as possible. It wouldn’t really be advised for a member of the family to dye their hair a crazy color — that’s simply not an option for them. It should even be neat and well taken care of.

6- Ladies can’t take off their coats.

7- Gloves are a must.

8- The queen has to wear bright colors.

9-  Not everyone can wear a tiara .

Not every single woman in the royal family can wear a tiara. Sometimes, however, the queen borrows them, which is what she did for Meghan Markle’s wedding. Still, this doesn’t mean Meghan can use a tiara whenever she likes. Tiaras are reserved for women who are married or born princesses. After marriage, they can wear them to white tie events.