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7 Hysterical Pics That Show the Sweet and Sour Moments of Being a Parent

The journey of parenting is hit or miss one. From having your baby dip its little toes into a sauce to being pleased with what proportion your kid resembles you, the complexity of parenting is tough to place into words. But some people manage to require photos that capture its essence quite well.

1- “My daughter insists on wearing my socks, but only those that have her face everywhere them.”

2- “Found him like this earlier this morning. Poor little legs are deflated.”

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3- “First time seeing our beautiful baby boy — i feel he was as shocked as we were.”

4- “I love that anytime I’m nearby she has got to have some quite contact with me.”

5- “Had an enormous chuckle at this photo my wife snapped of our 3.5-week-old daughter and me during our match.”

6- “My female child tasted the rainbow and it didn’t re-evaluate well.”

7- “Our daughter recently turned one year old. I had to offer my wife credit where credit was due.”