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10 Times Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Broke the Golden Rules of the royalty

Apparently, some royalty members think that rules were designed to be broken. Until recently, the most rebel of British royalty was Diana , and she or he had good reasons for it. for instance , her revenge dress, her honest interviews about her relationship together with her husband, or her hugs with people that had HIV. Every single one among these acts shocked the media and other members of the royalty .

But today, the most important rebels among the monarchs are the Duke and therefore the Duchess of Sussex that still prove the thought that the majority Royal rules and traditions are things of the past.

1- Meghan Markle doesn’t wear a bra during an official event.

For her introduction publicly because the Duchess, Meghan Markle chose a nude dress from Goat and a hat from Philip Treacy that matched the dress. It all seemed okay until the press and internet users noticed that she didn’t wear a bra. The unwritten rules say that the ladies of the royalty can’t appear at official events without wearing this piece of underwear. But the Duchess has her own opinion about it. Because Markle supports the thought of feminism, she is convinced that a chic style can and will be combined together with her own personal comfort.

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2. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t hide their feelings in public.

Hugs and, of course, kisses publicly are frowned upon within the royalty , but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t think that there's anything wrong with it. they frequently hold hands and hug one another , and after the win within the charity polo event, Prince Harry kissed Meghan Markle passionately. However, these gestures during sporting events aren't a rare thing. Diana also kissed Charles after these matches.

3- Meghan Markle closes car doors by herself.

Even though this thing isn't an enormous violation of the protocol, the members of the royalty don’t do this . Etiquette expert William Hanson acknowledged that this is often not a protocol breach and said, “Usually, if you're a member of the royalty or a dignitary, you've got a member of staff to open and shut a door for you.” But her old habits show how shy Markle still is.

4- Prince Harry flew to Canada to see Meghan Markle after his Caribbean tour.

Even before Prince Harry proposed to Markle, he visited her in Toronto where the actress was within the middle of shooting a movie . But this actually contradicts the official policy of the royalty that states that its members shouldn't combine official visits with their personal affairs. After his Caribbean tour, Prince Harry was alleged to return to London where he had some public events planned, but he visited see Meghan instead.

5- Meghan Markle doesn’t wear pantyhose.

Pantyhose are a must have element within the wardrobe of the royalty members once they appear publicly . Queen Elizabeth requires the royalty to always follow this rule regardless of what the weather is. But Meghan Markle has appeared publicly several time not only ignoring this rule, but also wearing open toed shoes, which are another taboo, consistent with royal etiquette. READ MORE

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