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Why the Queen never wanted to measure at Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth lives at Windsor Castle

following the death of Philip , it had been reported by The Daily Mail that the Queen won't return to measure at Buckingham Palace , instead choosing to permanently reside at Windsor Castle. While there are a couple of different reasons why Her Majesty would make this decision, could it's because she never wanted to measure at the palace within the first place?

queen elizabeth

As reported by royal biographer Penny Junor in her book The Firm, the Queen wanted to stay living at Clarence House after her father's death, but it had been Sir Churchill who pushed the move to Buckingham Palace .

It reads: "None of them wanted to travel . They loved Clarence House; it had been a family home, but Churchill , who was then Prime Minister, insisted upon it."

The Queen's unhappiness with moving from her first marital home to Buckingham Palace was also depicted within the Netflix show, The Crown.

The monarch is clearly very keen on Windsor Castle which boasts 484,000 square feet of space and 1000 rooms, as she chose to spend the bulk of the coronavirus pandemic at the 900-year-old property along side the 'HMS bubble' of twenty-two staff members.

The 95-year-old will use Buckingham Palace less frequently, choosing to visit only for important London meetings. The pandemic has illuminated the likelihood for Her Majesty to speak virtually though, so we may even see royal video calls continue.

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