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Prince Harry's first meeting with Meghan Markle in London was a secret supermarket tour

"We texted one another from the opposite side of the aisle," the Duke of Sussex said

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had to urge creative when it came to their dates at the beginning of their relationship within the summer of 2016.

The Duke of Sussex appeared on the armchair expert Dax Shepherd's podcast, as the conversation turned to the differences between everyday life and Harry's royal life as he grew up.

Harry said that while he did do normal things like grocery shopping together with his mom, Diana , it had been "only a couple of times because whenever we came out, we got pounced on" by paparazzi.

He then revealed that early on in his relationship with Megan, they had gone grocery shopping "undercover".

"The first time that Meghan and that i met up for her to return and stick with me, we met up during a supermarket in London pretending that we didn't know one another ," Harry said. "So we texted one another from the opposite side of the aisle, people watching me and giving me of these weird looks, arising to mention 'hi,' whatever. and that i was like, texting. It's like, 'Is this the proper one?' She's like, 'No, you would like parchment paper.' I'm like, 'Okay, where's the parchment paper?' "

"It was nice. Yeah, jockey cap on, looking down at the ground . i do not skills repeatedly you've done that when you're walking down the road trying to remain incognito. It's like 'Woah, signpost!' 'Oh, someone's dog!' It's amazing what you see. what proportion chewing gum you see and the way many people's shoes you see. it is a mess."

Prince Harry, 36, added that they feel more "free" after relocating to California last year with their 2-year-old son, Archie.

"Here, I can actually lift my head and that i feel different. My shoulders have dropped, so has hers," he said. "You walk around feeling a touch bit more free. i buy to require Archie on the rear of my bicycle. I never had the prospect to try to to that."

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