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Prince Harry says drank a lot of disguised pain for the death of Mother Diana

The Duke of Sussex has said he wont to drink a week's worth of alcohol during a day to undertake to affect the trauma of his mother's death.

Prince Harry was also willing to require drugs to "feel less like i used to be feeling" quite a decade after she died.

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The duke was lecture US chat show host Oprah Winfrey in their new streaming series on psychological state .

He also spoke about the anxiety and panic attacks he suffered as a senior member of the royal family, and his experience at his mother's funeral.

Diana, Princess of Wales, died during a car crash while being pursued by photographers in Paris in August 1997.

Speaking to Oprah for the Apple TV series The Me you cannot See, Harry described being aged 28 to 32 as "a nightmare time in my life", during which he had panic attacks and severe anxiety.

"I was just everywhere the place mentally," he said.

"Every time I put a suit on and tie on...having to try to to the role, and go, 'right, game face,' look within the mirror and say, 'let's go'. Before I even left the house i used to be pouring with sweat. i used to be in fight or flight mode."

He added: "I was willing to drink, i used to be willing to require drugs, i used to be willing to undertake and do the items that made me feel less like i used to be feeling."

He said he would drink a week's worth of alcohol on a Friday or Saturday night, "not because i used to be enjoying it but because i used to be trying to mask something".

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