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Melania’s Unauthorized Biography Says Trump Requested Lock on His Bedroom Door

President Trump can sleep soundly in the dark knowing that he features a lock on his bedroom door—something he personally requested, consistent with CNN reporter Kate Bennett. 

As a member of the White House press focused on the primary lady and therefore the Trump family, Bennett wrote an unauthorized biography of the primary lady titled Free, Melania, which comes out in the week . 

It is already known that Trump's bedroom is on the second floor of the White House while his wife Melania Trump sleeps on one floor above it, but Bennett’s book reveals that the first lady also has her own “witch room” where she does her hair and makeup, and her own gym. Pilates machine.

The biography also provides insight into the surgery Melania underwent in May 2018 to treat a medical issue that Bennett writes was “indeed not minor.” 

She says “an embolization of a growth of some sort, small or large, when attached to the kidney, as hers may need been, made for a dangerous and sophisticated procedure,” which was confirmed by one among Bennett’s trusted sources. 

She further writes, “if her recuperation wasn't careful and extended, her sort of condition could possibly end in the loss of her kidney.”