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Meghan Markle's wedding makeup artist reveals the way to 'look sort of a better version of yourself' in three easy steps - including prioritising primer and highlighting only one feature

Meghan Markle's wedding make-up artist has shared hi recommendations on the way to achieve a effortlessly beautiful look,

The duchess opted for a natural base, attention on eye make-up and a touch of colour on the cheek with a neutral pink lip whens she tied the knot with Prince Harry at St George's Chapel in 2018.

The man behind the design was New York-based make-up artist, and longtime friend of Meghan's, Daniel Martin - who shared with the Telegraph his recommendations on accentuating your appearance, because the couple celebrate their third anniversary today.

Describing the design as 'me, but better', Daniel said there's been a shift from wearing heavy, glamorous make-up on your day to a toned-down look which does not change your appearance an excessive amount of , but emphasises attributes that exist already .

'For many brides, their wedding is their big red carpet moment and that i think they're realising that they do not necessarily need to change the way they appear to feel beautiful that day', said Daniel.

His first piece of recommendation was skincare. instead of employing a heavy, high-coverage base, Daniel says that the proper skincare can help your make-up stay throughout the whole day.

He suggested employing a primer after applying moisturiser to secure foundation and balance the skin tone, while giving the skin a glow that does not appear shiny.

Rather than choosing an important eye and heavy lip, Daniel says to settle on a feature that you simply love about yourself and accentuate that, while keeping the remainder of your look light

He says that this balances out the design and means you are feeling confident in your own skin, advising a neutral lip shade if - like Meghan - you favor darker eye make-up.

While a dark eye can feel intimidating, Daniel suggested using Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks, meaning the design are often gradually built up to draw attention to the attention - while also acting as a base for powder shadow.

Finally, Daniel said that make-up should not be something to cover behind, which regardless of the look, wearing make-up confidently will make the bride appear all the more special.

While Daniel created a shocking search for the duchess, her day was the primary time Meghan had ever tried out the make-up, with the pair arranging her look over text because they were too busy to try to to an attempt run.

Daniel was unable to visit London before the marriage , meaning the duo had no opportunity to practice the design - despite some 17 million people tuning in to observe the large day.

'I was in ny and she or he was in London and there was no time due to my crazy schedule to be ready to go there,' Daniel told Harper's Bazaar the year after Meghan's wedding.

'I knew exactly what she wanted and therefore the day of the marriage was just us getting together and doing her make-up like usual.'

Martin, who works as an envoy for Dior and has known Meghan for quite a decade, added that he opted for a natural search for the Duchess due to different lighting situations throughout the day.

He noted that the makeup would look 'completely different' because the bride rode within the car to the chapel with mother Doria, stood at the altar, and took a carriage ride within the bright sunshine together with her new husband.

The beauty guru added: 'If I started heavier and she or he got into the church, her make-up would've looked tons darker than once you see her in natural light. it had been also noon, when the sunshine is at it's highest.'