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Kate Middleton goes out on surprise outings in London to celebrate the book's publication day - the best photos

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped up the call in London on Friday after she pissed off royal fans with a fun video on the day that her book Hold Still photography was published.

Kate visited the Royal London Hospital and thus the National Portrait Gallery Archives a year ago since she launched the Community Project with the Gallery.

Kate visited the Royal London Hospital in east London to find out how Barts Health NHS Trust's Vital Arts organisation commissions art for the Royal London and therefore the trust's other hospitals to enhance the patient and staff experience.

She sat down with a variety of staff to talk about their experiences during the pandemic and asked: "How you all doing? i do know hospitals are busy places but the additional pressure of Covid… How’s the mood now?"

She was told her spirits were good and was shown samples of photos taken by employees of the Barts Health NHS Trust documenting this era in history.

Earlier on Friday, the Duchess teased royal fans with a video clip shared on the Cambridges' Instagram account, showing Kate leaving a replica of the book outside Kensington Palace for somebody to seek out .

The Duchess teamed up with The Book Fairies to mark the publication of Hold Still, a literary movement which urges readers to share books which they need read and enjoyed by leaving them publicly spaces for others to seek out . In total, 150 copies of the book are hidden secretly locations across the united kingdom by the Hold Still judging panel.