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Kate Middleton and Prince William Return to the school Town Where They Met and Fell in Love!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending the day at St. Andrews University and therefore the county of Fife

Kate Middleton and Prince William are back at the school town where they first met and fell crazy -- and showing off a number of their competitive nature during a land yachting race.

The royal couple, who both started student life at St. Andrews University almost 20 years ago, went head-to-head during a land yachting race – with William just pipping his wife during the race on West Sands beach below the town.

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"We were surprised as we expected the Duchess to win as she the experienced sailor," Guy McKenzie, who runs Blown Away together with his twin Jamie, tells PEOPLE. "He got lucky – there was a gust of wind!" Jamie piped in: "He got blown away!"

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But it wasn't all clear sailing for William. Towards the top of the 20 minute session, he got stuck in some wet sand, well faraway from the course. "Come on grandad," Kate called bent him.

He, meanwhile, would squeal with competitive delight as he passed her during their limbering-up laps of the course up and down the beach. a few of times Kate got becalmed as she made the turn – because she had moved too far into the headwind. At other moments, with an excessive amount of wind in her sail, she veered abreast of only two of the three wheels.

The visit may be a central highlight of their mini-tour of Scotland that began on Monday. William and Kate, who met as college freshmen in 2001, "definitely had chemistry," Laura Warshauer, a replacement Jersey native and St. Andrews student who lived within the same dorm because the pair, previously told PEOPLE.

"Whenever Kate was within the room, Will was obviously listening to her," Warshauer added. "When we'd be sitting at lunch within the dining hall and therefore the two of them would be talking, it had been amazing to ascertain how natural it had been , how that they had such a lot to mention to every other. Looking back, there have been of these small moments—certainly moments where i used to be like, 'Wow, this might really be something.'"

When their office at Kensington Palace announced the visits earlier this month, they couldn't resist a touch reflection that the couple would take a "trip down memory lane" with their return to the university.