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Farage on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle leaving royal life: They ‘simply didn't want to try to to the work’

Prince Harry has been within the spotlight for his recent criticism of the royalty 

NIGEL FARAGE: He's [Prince Harry] our most up-to-date export to the USA. i do not want to ascertain him back within the uk . But I've got a sense that before too long, Americans will see through this victimhood story also . 

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You know, every claim he makes, like we tried our hardest to form it work before we left or before, as we called it now makes it that's blown away by the very fact we all know they were in negotiations, the couple with Disney, with Netflix a minimum of a year before they left.

If you're born into the royalty otherwise you marry into the royalty , it is a lifetime of extraordinary privilege. But it is a lifetime of diligence also . You know, an honest working royal will do perhaps 300, maybe 400 engagements every single year. And what's clear is that Harry and Meghan simply didn't want to try to to the work. and that i have… no sympathy for them whatsoever. 

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