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Biden says he lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2 'because it’s almost completely finished'

'I’ve been against Nord Stream from the start ,' Biden said, despite allowing it to continue

President Biden said that he lifted sanctions on the Russia-to-Germany pipeline Nord Stream 2 "because it’s almost completely finished."

"It’s not like I can allow Germany to try to to something or not," Biden continued. 

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"I’ve been against Nord Stream from the start … they skills I feel," he said. Biden added that imposing sanctions now would be "counterproductive" since the project is nearly completed.

The White House announced Biden will meet with Russian President Putin in Geneva next month. 

The Biden administration waived sanctions on the corporation and CEO overseeing the Nordsteam 2 pipeline construction in deference to its diplomatic relationship with Germany. The president drew the ire of Republicans who say lifting the sanctions on the pipeline may be a blessing to the Kremlin.

The Nord Stream 2 affect Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime will transfer Russian gas to Germany via a pipeline running under the Baltic . If completed, this new pipeline would double the quantity of gas Russia transports on to Europe and hand a huge geopolitical victory to Putin. 

Halting the 95 percent complete project would require sanctioning German users of the gas also , and therefore the Biden administration isn't willing to risk its relationship with Germany to try to to so. The pipeline might be completed as soon as this summer. 

Currently, Russia has got to transport gas through Ukraine on its thanks to Europe. Completion of the pipeline would allow Russia to freeze Ukraine, where a government hostile to Putin is in power.

At an equivalent time, the State Department is predicted to send its 90-day report back to Congress listing entities involved within the pipeline’s construction that deserve sanctions. The State Department will acknowledge that the company entity responsible of the project, Nord Stream 2 AG and its CEO, the Putin crony and former East German secret agent Matthias Warnig, are engaged in sanctionable activity.